Dirty Pouring

Dirty Pouring

Dirty Pouring


About this course

Our fluid acrylic paint pouring classes are as fascinating as they are fun! In this Paint Pouring class, also known as Dirty Pouring, you will learn the fundamental techniques of layering fluid paints and pouring a beautiful acrylic masterpiece on canvas. You will not be disappointed!


I can't draw a straight line. What art skills are necessary?

Zero art skills are required for this class, and you'll be happy to know that the pencil is for you to write your name on the back of the canvas so we can identify it later. No straight lines will be drawn or ruined during the course of this class.

What clothes should I wear?

This is real acrylic paint. Sometimes it will come out with water when it's still wet, but we don't encourage you to count on this. Wear clothes you can paint in, and possibly get paint on! We supply gloves and an apron to be worn during the class, but paint has a funny way of finding its way on shoes and clothes, so be sure to wear shoes and clothes that can you can designate for painting. And don't throw them out after this class, because you can always wear them again to other classes in the future!

What size is the canvas?

The canvas is 16x20 inches, professionally stretched and wrapped on solid wood.

What is the refund policy?



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