Paint Pouring Gone Mad! Art Kits

Paint Pouring Gone Mad! Art Kits You Can Do!

Everything you need to create a work of art! Just open the box to get started. No experience necessary.

About this art kit subscription

Enjoy being a part of our creative journey with paint pouring art kits! Each month you’ll receive a new paint pouring art kit with a project that is sure to be different from the month before. Learn a vareity of paint pouring techniques on a variety of things! Everything is included, just open the box to get started.

We’re always looking for new ideas to try, and we take you along for the experience. Our art kits are based on several factors:

You do not need to be an artist to do this art kit successfully, yet it’s also true that no artist could resist these creative opportunities!

We like to try new things, keeping our minds open to new ideas, textures, objects and creative experiences with resin art. See below for our current kit. If you order right now, this is the first kit you’ll receive!


Paint Pouring Gone Mad - 8 Tile Coasters

This awesome kit includes 8 large tile coasters with adhesive cork bottoms, stands for each tile, custom paints with pouring medium, a vial of silicone and dropper, color matrix chart to show you how to make tons of colors, playing cards (used as a paint brush), mixing cups, apron and gloves. Everything you need is in the box, just open and unpack to get started!