Private Parties

If you have a special occasion or want to spend time together with a special group of individuals, we are happy to be your party place for a unique experience you won’t have anywhere else.

You are guaranteed to create your very own, one of a kind painting. Whether it’s a form of paint pouring or water marbling, everyone in your party will have a unique piece of art that will not be the same, so even family members from the same household can participate without worrying what to do with duplicate art. There are no duplicates.

Office parties, birthday parties and anniversaries, sports team-building, family days, girls night out, science class, teacher appreciation – whatever your reason, whatever your group, we have something that is sure to be fun and thoroughly enjoyable, without worrying about art skill levels of any participant. Our programs are designed to bring people together through creativity and color. Create your guest list, pick the art technique, bring your party food and drinks, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Monday – Thursday: minimum 6 people
Friday – Sunday: minimum 10 people
Maximum – 29 people

Our studio
Your location within 30 minutes/ 15 miles of our studio. Traveling fee: $50

Art Style:

  • Paint Pouring techniques: $40/each
    • Dirty Pour
    • Kaleidoscope Pour
    • The Chameleon
    • Air Swipe
    • Geodes – add $5 per person for glass and texture supplies
  • Water Marbling techniques: 
    • Satin tapestries/silk scarves/silk neckties – $40
    • Decorative pillows – $40 each
    • Ebru paper art – $40 / up to 8 pages per person
    • Hats – $30
    • Drink Coasters – $20 / set of 4 (additional sets of 2 = $10)
    • Gratitude blanket squares – $20 (one fabric square to be donated, plus up to 2 pages of paper to keep)