Why this Community?

In late December of 2018 (last year) we had a very ugly display of racial tensions when a white girl viciously attacked a Muslim girl in the bathroom at Chartiers Valley High School. (Video https://www.wtae.com/article/collier-township-police-file-charges-after-bathroom-fight-at-chartiers-valley-high-school/25658149 ). This behavior is not acceptable, and it triggered in me a need to step into the foray and offer a way for our community and the South Hills at large to find common ground before this type of behavior permeates any further. 

We are better than this.

The goal with Chartiers Creek Creative is to offer creative activities from a central location, regardless of artistic skill level, as part of a community unification endeavor. 

As a lifelong artist who has has been offering unique paint classes in the past year, I discovered techniques that allow artists and non-artists to enjoy doing paintings and other creative activities in a social setting. I have consistently been impressed by how people have interacted with each other, particularly that they were exceedingly friendly, helpful and encouraging, no matter who was standing next to them. I saw first-hand that doing creative activities together in a social setting is a way to help people come together.

 In fact, national research conducted by the Americans for the Arts supports my belief that art is the answer to just about everything that’s important in life. Art helps us bridge cultural divides, it helps us want to help each other in meaningful ways. It helps pick us up when we’re feeling down and it helps lift us higher when we’re feeling good. Art is the answer, and that answer is right here for all of us to share with each other.

The mission of Chartiers Creek Creative is to engage, nurture and showcase creative activities and art as a way to unify our community and empower local artists.

Americans who believe the arts unify communities regardless of
age,race, and ethnicity
Americans who believe the arts ‘lift me up beyond
everyday experiences’.
Americans feel the arts give them pure pleasure to
experience and participate in.
Americans who believe the arts are a positive
experience in a troubled world.