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Everything you need to create a work of art! Just open the box to get started. No experience necessary.

About this art kit

Enjoy being a part of our creative journey that is Diverse Art Kits.  These kits are created by our in-house artists who are naturally curious and interested in trying new things – (aka EVERYTHING!) Each month you’ll receive a new art kit with a project that is sure to be different from the month before. Learn candle art, mosaic art, soap art, resin, paint pouring, fabric art, water marbling, glass etching, dimensional art and so much more! Everything is included, just open the box to get started.

Our Diverse Art Kits are perfect for anyone who wants to experience a variety of art disciplines or learn how to apply different techniques in ways you might never have imagined.
About Our Art Kits
  • Regardless of your art skill level, you’re going to want to try our art kits! Novice users can follow our easy guides, while experienced artists can explore new horizons. 
  • We are no ordinary art kit company. Some of our methods and supplies are highly creative and unconventional because our kits are created by real artists, not manufacturers. 
We experiment and reimagine ways to do things so that you can have an authentic art experience – without complicating the process or sacrificing quality.

If you order now, your first kit will be displayed in this section. If you’d prefer to have a previous kit instead, please ask in advance to ensure availability.

Stamped Air-Dry Clay with Scalloped Edges

This art kit has everything you need to create 5 beautifully stamped bowls! Open the box to find a healthy chunk of clay, a rolling pin, 2 stamps, 4 ink pads (Crimson, Sky Blue, India Green & Charcoal), circle paper templates, sticks to be used as a guide for clay depth, 4 scalloped bowls & one mini bowl to use as molds, sand paper, varnish and paint brush,  (Fill up your bowls as you like, or give away as gifts – or both!)