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About the Art Kits at

How to choose an art kit.

This is a very personal choice. Our kits were created to satisfy our own creativity and curiosity. Your creativy and curiosity are probably what brought you here! If you’re not sure what to choose, or if you are drawn to a variety of options, The Diverse Art Kit Subscription Box is truly an amazing option, because it allows you to experience a very wide variety of art substrates, mediums and ideas. It’s like a monthly class of a new art that can expose you to a variety of materials, supplies and tools that will show you new ways to be creative with beautiful results!

Are your art kits easy enough for beginners?

Yes! In most cases, EVERYTHING you need is in the box. For instance, if you need scissors, we include them. If you need an apron and gloves, yep, they’re in there. If you need pliers or a potato masher, you’re going to have it in your box. You won’t need to run to the store to pick up one more little thing (we’ve all be there, but that’s not what’s going on HERE!) This allows you to focus on the art project, and with our carefully designed kits and detailed instructions, all you have to do is open it up to get started!

Would an experienced artist be satisfied with your kits?

YES! We understand the curious nature that is inherent in artists. While the kits are simplified in many aspects, there is always plenty of wiggle room for the experienced artist to take the leap and try their own thing with most of our projects.

How can your art kits be made for both beginners AND experienced artists?

We apply our own special formula that allows us to span this great divide. For starters, our team is comprised of artists, while many in our focus groups are not. For those with less experience, we take the guesswork out of the process by preparing some supplies in advance and offering detailed instructions for how to to achieve the project. For the more adept artists, we leave open places within the instructions that show where it’s safe to veer off and do your own thing. Time after time, we have found our formula proves to be a winner for our diverse group of customers, and we are very proud of this particular accomplishment!

Where are your art kits manufactured?

We believe that the best way to support artists is by supporting artists! Our art kits are developed by artists and made by hand in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We make many of our own paints, tools, molds and templates. Sometimes you may receive a project with hand-drawn templates, or discover out-of-the-box objects included in your kit to be used as tools or molds. We manually pre-drill most things that need drilled. We take the time to research our options while considering the end user’s experience and satisfaction with the final project. We always use the same supplies included in your kit – materials, tools, templates, etc. so we know exactly how to walk you through the project. While not every idea grows up to be an art kit at, we are very proud of the kits do do make it into our incredible collection!