Lime in the Coconut Candles Art Kit



We love the song (Lime in the) Coconut ( ), and so it inspired us to create this fun candle making art kit! Your candle kit includes 4 coconut shell halves (slightly sanded on the bottom so they’ll sit nicely), 100% organic soy wax,  thermometer, wicks and wick holders, deliciously fragrant dried limes, pre-cut straws, highly pigmented green wax chips and coconut, lime & citronella essential oils (mix and match as you please!)

We will teach you how to get the best “throw” for your candles.  (a cold throw is when you can smell the candle when it is not burning, regular throw is when you can smell the candle when it is burning). Our cold throw can reach across the street on a breezy day. Yes, we’re that good!

Enjoy the candles indoors or out on the patio.

You will need a microwave or double boiler to melt the wax. Everything else is included. Just open the box to get started!

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