Paper Making with Flowers and Botanical Bits

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Your Paper Making comes with a custom build mold and deckle set and will create 8×8″ square papers. This kit also includes botanical bits, a foldable “tub”, a hand masher as well as recycled shredded paper. We will teach you how to mash the recycled paper into useable pulp, and add beautiful botanical elements to give your papers interest. This art kit will yield approximately 20-25 pages of handmade paper.

This is a wonderful outdoor activity!

You will need to add water. Everything else is included. Just open the box to get started!

Because this kit includes the baseline tools, you can add more recycled paper to make even more paper.

This is an excellent art kit for ages 4 years and older.

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4.8 / 4 reviews.

4 reviews for Paper Making with Flowers and Botanical Bits

  1. cara jameson

    Shipped fast! I got this paper making art kit as a gift for my daughter on her 12th birthday, and she loves it! I’m impressed how easy it is, and she loved mashing up the papers.

    I love that this art kit is safe for the environment and she can reuse it anytime she wants. Her papers came out beautifully, the edges are very pretty. I’ve seen other paper making kits, but this one stands out because the frames aare handmade and they send you shredded papers that were otherwise heading for the landfill. The flowers and “botanical bits” (small flower petals and leaves) smell so good and it gave my daughter ideas of other things she could add to the water to make her papers more unique. The kit inspires more creativity and that’s a huge winner for me and my daughter! Thank you!

  2. John Hecht

    Earth-friendly kit does a good job of mixing old and new ideas to create unique handmade papers from scratch. You can use the finished papers as notecards or as the foundation for other art projects. The papers came out great, but if you want to write on them, arrange the flowers and leaves so they don’t make it too bumpy.

  3. Katelyn

    My bag leaked which was disappointing, but they replaced it when I reported the problem. Excellent customer service! I like that it came with shredded recycled paper, and the flowers are a very nice touch. The masher is interesting and does work well. I don’t know how long the bag will last but overall it’s a good kit that I will get a lot of use out of.

  4. Gilda Vidor

    Interesting art kit! I love that it comes with a foldable waterproof bag that I can use for this and other things. In fact, I can reuse everything in this kit to make my own beautiful papers beyond the supplies included. The flowers smell amazing, and they bleed into the paper to make gorgeous colors. But they’re not all flowers, some are leaves or just greenery. I experimented and was able to use things from my yard like grass and leaves from the bushes. I love love love the deckled edges! What an awesome way to create papers from recycled and natural materials!

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